Mr. Anselmi

I never met Mr. Anselmi or that is what I would wish, for, where a single vision that I had to be believed, then I think I would descend into madness as assuredly as the sun will rise on the morrow for such would be the horror to envelope my mind. Yet, vision as it was, it was so fleeting and indistinct that, even today at a distance of years


Pursuing success 'Good morning, Southern California,' intoned the voice over the radio and I smiled, wondering how those deejays always managed to sound so chipper. 'It's a beautiful day in San Diego – 72 degrees at 7:23 in the morning and going up to a high of 85 this afternoon. If you're heading out to Ocean Side or Laguna Beach,


Whispers (Parts I - XX) Whispers (I) Archbishop Romero moved as quickly as his age, weight and the unruly purple robes would permit, down a long, shadowed and faux-columned corridor, scanning every frescoed alcove attentively for the appearance of the one man who would be able to help him. His sweat, in the humidity, oozed from his pores,