The Teachings

Excerpted from; Achermann, JH. (2011) The Teachings: Two centuries of confusion. JABA 127(4):6-9. Much has been made of 'The Teachings' over the previous two centuries, but the truth of the matter is that, despite more incisive research in the past 50 years, the historical context of the manuscript – much less, the identity of 'the

Night Job

“Mickey?” “Yeah.” “It's Spencer.” “What do you want?” In the telephone booth, bathed in the scant light of a single, ceiling bulb, Spencer turned away from the street as a police cruiser rolled past and lit a cigarette. Lowering his fedora, the smoke slithered from his mouth and, through


Chrissie awoke with a scream strangled in her throat and, already before being fully awake, rising to sitting and her arms flailing defensively in the air before her face. Her eyes, made wide and round by the night-terror, glinted in the darkness with the spare moonlight that leaked through the shades leaving the room tinted in blue-grey.