Growing up I was seventeen and, on a bitterly cold, bright and clear winter day, my father took Red out to the back of the property and shot him. It is as clear to me now, many years later, as it was then. The day was one of those that you find only in the north. At the time, we were living in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba – later, we

Times change

Musical doldrums As much as we are all different, it is my personal conviction that the majority of us have numerous commonalities which unite the weekly or monthly courses of our respective lives. My evidence for this is simply observational: when I go to the corner store to buy cigarettes, sharing a pleasantry with the young fellow who seems

Wisdom I & II

Wisdom (capitolo primo) The horse's hooves fell heavily on the forest bed, thundering, and driven by an impatient rider through the dismal grey afternoon while the trees, similarly grey and nondescript, seemed to carry nary a lark or sparrow willing to show its voice. Presently, the horse, foaming, raced into the camp in a protected hollow and