Distance between us Jack Fraser, from the kitchen of his spacious, uptown condominium, could see, positioned carefully at the edge of a black-lacquered dining table with its hand-woven, Italian spread become space for his occasional creative projects – writing and painting – the closed and similarly glossy lid of his laptop which


... or not I stated in a recent interview that, in life, I do not believe I am deserving of anything for which I have not worked. On reflection, there is a corollary to this – a reverse scenario – which implies that I believe I am deserving of that for which I have worked. Therefore, in terms of implications, the first suggests,

Rise and walk

Decision and change It is, I believe, wise and, even, necessary, at the passage of certain signposts, to make decisions that effect significant and, very possibly, fundamental change in the direction of one's own life. While, to many of us, those crossroads can be intimidating because confronted with the endless possibilities of an uncharted


Returned to his stateroom, Gregg was surprised to see that, in the few minutes it had taken to traverse the narrow, spartan galleries of the ship, through the porthole, the first rays of sun had begun to kiss the sky, adding their glow to the mist hanging over the harbor and making a few, light clouds stand out against the rapidly withdrawing

California sun

The wind is hot, parching and, satisfied that I have tortured myself in it for long enough, I stoop to extinguish my cigarette in the cracked, dry earth – expecting no different fate - that is just beyond the narrow band of shade which is my respite at the rear of the house. In pressing the butt to the ground, the burning end comes briefly