The party had, unfortunately, become one of 'those'. A series of petty conflicts and miscellaneous incidents had left the revelers fragmented into a series of agitated little groups and the promise dashed for the the gaiety of the evening. Milling about, alone and directionless, I wondered why I had come at all. I also wondered if, while I

The long road home

I “What the hell is wrong with you, Danny Reid – you drunk? You damn near got me killed drivin' like that!” The man, Jack Hoskin, came around the front of his pickup, now stopped askew on the shoulder of the two lane highway, and pulled down the wide brim of his hat against the sand and hot wind off the

Winter journal

December 28, 1910. Turner Pass, Alaska. This journal, here, at the end of my journey, I will keep diligently as, either, my last testament or my monument to the expiation of my sins. In either case, it may serve for me – when spring comes to this rugged land - or for who might follow, finding, instead of healing, my carcass become only

Christmas past

It cannot be denied the power of memory to summon the past and, through the medium of the mind's eye, force the present and real to the periphery while all of the sensual invocations of the memory become the current experience. So it was that Cyril Johnston, standing on a busy street corner crowded with frantic Christmas eve shoppers was

Rudolph lets go

A fable of modern Christmas “Donner! Hey, Donner! Over here,” shouted Rudolph, his voice hoarse. In the midst of the general noise at the North Pole's 'Polar Bear Bar and Grill', Donner, the stately, aging buck heard himself beckoned and his ears, beneath the enormous spread of antlers, twitched as he looked around, finally


Edward Sanders stood immobile and erect and, in the gentle movement of cool air, his long, black, leather coat billowed lazily about his legs. His right arm was extended and he could feel the familiar weight – so familiar that it seemed nothing more than an extension of his own body – clutched tightly in his palm. Behind wire-framed,


'Until now, I always got by on my own, I never really cared if you loved me, and now it chills me to the bone - How do I get you alone? How can I get you alone?' Heart – 'Alone' When the day starts out strangely, it is probably best to just roll with it because, it seems unlikely to me, that any amount of effort is going to