14 days

Mind altering introspection “When do you think you'll be able to get to the laboratory for the blood workup, Paul?” Erik Fermann scrutinised his friend and patient through bottle-bottom thick eyeglasses which, from the opposite standpoint, made his clear, blue eyes as large as those of a Japanese animation. Paul sat fidgeting


The heat of our passion, cooled by the refreshing breeze which, from the open window, seeped in through the curtains, gradually dissipated. Krystena shivered and cleaved closer to me, her hand, pulling at my chest, indicating that she wanted me to hold her tighter. I reached and pulled up the soft sheets and draped them over her shoulder to


When the frustration grew too much – no line curved the way it should, no hue appeared correctly with the gentle motion of the brush, he simply gave up, discarding the palette to a side table where a brush rolled away leaving the dark coloured imprint of its passing. “It's feeling like winter,” he said and rose abruptly from

Still and Again

Part I. Eric Sands was more than a little shaken and surprised when, turning from a discussion with a business colleague and heading slowly toward the bar across the grand ballroom styled meeting space booked by his company for the glitzy meet-and-greet, he spotted his ex-girlfriend, Shauna Morgan, in animate conversation with some men in


“You've been angry,” said Krystena appearing silently on bare footed steps from the kitchen and carrying a freshly brewed and over sized, steaming mug of tea. It was not an accusation that she articulated – only the merest of observations. Nevertheless, her words shattered the vacuum bell-jar of self-imposed isolation which I