badlydrawnstickman.combadlydrawnstickman.com is the extrusion into cyber-space of a Toronto, Canada-based, former academic. In that guise, he published numerous professional contributions, in both English and Italian, dealing with bioarchaeology, quantitative genetics and historical demography.

He now occupies himself as a graphic designer, artist, writer and editor who prefers to remain, at present, anonymous in the great big, internet world. By way of employ, he serves as a corporate level manager for a new firm in southern California. He divides his time between California and the Toronto area.

The badlydrawnstickman figure was born in June 2007 on a public blog site. Since that time, the playful 'stickman' icon has complemented a surprisingly extensive archive of short fiction and serial fiction of various genres. Also highlighted on this site is also a portfolio of visual work which is in continual evolution, reflecting a variety of personal interests and directions.

badlydrawnstickman.com is all about bringing the cheeky irreverence of the stickman to a wider internet audience.

Thank you very much for visiting badlydrawnstickman.com.